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The Mamba Spirit

World’s First School of Skydiving

TMS is the defining acronym of the industry since its very beginnings and is present in the skydiving and wind tunnel sport for more than 20 years.
We bring you an exceptional sports history blended with art, wind and sky.

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Story of the Rose

The Beauty

Did you know that it takes three years for the first flower petal to grow?
There were 20 fully grown roses in my garden on the day of bombing. Everything was covered in dust and ashes. I was crying.
Then, a UNPROFOR soldier came to me, and asked why.
– “Because my garden was destroyed”
A few minutes later, he brought me my rose flower.
And I carry it inside me ever since.

Snake and rose white

Story of the Mamba

The Beast

A mamba will not attack unless endangered.
There is a legend, of a mamba guarding her eggs when eight buffalos came to graze in the vicinity.
The single mamba snake paralysed the whole herd and eventually brought the buffalos a to close end.

Mambas of the World

All shapes and sizes

The Mamba Spirit Team

Rob Heron The Demon Mamba

Fabian Raidel The Daddy Mamba

Oana Oros The Queen Mamba

Adam Mattacola The Killa Mamba

Said Ismail The Speed Mamba

Matti Millumäki The Optimizer Mamba

Mind & Body Coaches

Free Minded Artists

Viktor Hladchenko

Natalia Zuzulya

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